Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Tricky Tuesday

"Do More with Your Dog"
Trick Dog Champion
Audition Videos

1.  Coordination
Push a Skateboard
2.  Mouth Target
2.1  Retrieve Object to Hand from 12' Away
(white tape on the floor measures 12' from the wall)
2.2  Pull a Rope

3.  Paw Target
Ground Target - Tap Light
4.  Nose Target
Hand Target

5.  Scent
Nose-Work Box Search

6.  Distance
6.1  Go to a Pedestal 20' Away

6.2  6 Cued Behaviours on a Pedestal from 12' Away
(sit, stand, drop)
(drop, head down, bark, drop, head down, sit, bark)
 (sit, wave)

7.  Signals
6 Silent Cues
(heel, about turn, sit, wait, front, swing finish, heel, spin counter-clockwise,
wrap around legs, spin c-c, bow)

8.  Behaviour Chain
Push a Truck 6' then Tip the Bin
(trick shown from 2 different angles) 

9.  Expert Tricks
9.1  ETD List:  Fishing

9.2  OTHER:  2 Jumps:  one cue - from a distance

9.3  ETD List:  Pick Pocket

9.4  OTHER:  Yawn

9.5  OTHER:  Brief Rally Routine
(heel, 360 L, U-turn R, sit-down-stand, heel, U-turn R,
send to jump, call to heel, sit)

Fingers and paws crossed, waiting to hear if we have qualified!
Stay Tuned!


  1. Wow, smart dog! It made me laugh to see how many of his facial expressions are almost exactly like Stella's.

    1. Thanks! Stella is just as clever - I know from first-hand experience!

  2. What a good boy! I love how he loves it all. He likes to go under your legs from behind like Indi :)

  3. FANTASTIC team work! You've done a wonderful job shaping Bodi's behaviours & you just keep getting better & better!!! Very proud of both of you. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks! Just building on his great start in life!