Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sizzle in the Drizzle

June 9th
Oxford Dog Sports
United Kennel Club Show
Princeton, ON
Judge:  Joy Leiskau


First outdoor show
First day in the ring with Breeder/Co-owner Sylvia Dorosh

My UKC name is now:
BIS URO1 Varazs Mokany Kiralyi Orban

Thank you to Laurie Soutar of Oxford Dog Sports, all the judges, and all the great volunteers for a fabulous day of Conformation, Rally-O and Weight Pull in spite of the variable weather (intermittent drizzle and downpours with brief moments of sunshine).  

I was entered in Conformation and Miska-Mom and Uncle Tyro were entered in Rally-O.  For their first run they placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively.  For their second run, Tyro scored a 93 even though he had to work through a torrential downpour and Miska-Mom earned a perfect score of 100 and High in Trial (HIT)!

Miska-Mom with Sylvia and Judge Deb Beean
Sylvia, Miska-Mom and Uncle Tyro

4 Rally-O Qs + HIT + BIS
What a great day of fun and success for the Varazs pups!


  1. It certainly was a very memorable weekend!!!!! Worth the rain, bad hair, soaking wet socks and shows for a BEST IN SHOW and 2 HIGH IN TRIALS!!! PDG for my first time handling the Bodimeister!!

    1. s/b wet socks and SHOES

    2. What a spectacular first day of showing Bodi! Congratulations!

      And congratulations to you and Miska-Mom on her 2 High in Trials in Rally!