Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday's Work

The Tire Jump

I was sent to the jump by the camera hound who was
standing 20' feet away facing the side of the jump

These photos and videos are from my Introduction to the Tire Jump. Or, should I say, the "tired" jump!  (The camera hound is not moving very well in these videos as she overdid some yardwork earlier in the day. Part of that work was freeing the tire jump from its job as a support for the temporary fencing.)

Here's my Introduction to Directed Jumping using the tire jump ("jump") and the bar jump ("over").  An arm signal accompanied the verbal signals (which you would have been able to see had the camera been better positioned...sigh).

The tire jump is LOTS OF FUN but it really does need a little sprucing up with fresh tape (not photoshop)!.


  1. He looks great! So eager!
    My tire jump needs some sprucing too :)

    1. Thanks! We are definitely not as far along in our agility training as you and Indi (not sure we'll ever catch up as you are much better at the sport than I). ~ Corrine