Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hallowe'en

Red sky at night ...
"It looks a fine day to begin your search for Guineviz."

Drat, my bow is broken!
Must fix my bow for the journey.

Merlinz:  "Travel west to find Guineviz!"

King Vizslarthur:  "If you can pull yourself away from the looking glass, Vizsalot,
                        Idriz and Emryz are saddled and ready to go."

King Vizslarthur's rare floppy-eared filly, Idriz
Sir Vizsalot's steadfast stallion, Emryz

King Vizslarthur:  "Now I see why Emryz seems a little reluctant to be seen
                       with you in public! Seriously, dude, how are you going to ride
                       when you can't see?!"
"Speak to the milliner!"

Sir Vizsalot:  "You're one to talk, Vizslarthur!  Idriz takes one look at you
                and she'll head for the Highlands!  Come to think of it, Guineviz
                might just have second thoughts about being found!"

King Vizslarthur

"Safe journey, my son!"

Queen Guineviz


from the Supermodels

Diva, Miska, Tyro


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you enjoyed it - I started out with a handful of shots and one thing just led to another!

  2. I crack up every time I read this!! Hilarious! And love the costumes. So glad we were great supermodelz for you.

  3. Sir Vizslalot! Perfect!
    These are wonderful!