Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tally Ho!

 UKC  Luring Coursing Ability (CA) title!

Grandma Sylvia was standing with the judge and lure master so she had a good view of the course and caught these great shots of me in collection and extension:

You can see a video of one of my courses (or, is it coursings?) here

"A qualifying score is defined as: the dog shall run alone, and must complete the course With enthusiasm and without interruption."

My first lure coursing experience and first qualifying run was in August 2012. As soon as I saw the set up on Saturday, I could hardly contain my excitement. 2 courses later (only allowed 2 per day) and I had finished my CA title to become the first Varazs-bred Vizsla to earn a lure coursing title. Imagine how thrilled I was to get to course again on Sunday (and earn 2 legs toward Coursing Ability Excellent). Here I am "calmly" awaiting my turn:

(Translation: "Someone else is playing my game!!!")


  1. Neat! I want to try that so bad! Go Bodi!

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    2. WOW, paws fumbling on keyboard this morning! Check out AKC and UKC events listings to see if there are any upcoming LC events near you - "trials" are only for sighthounds but "tests" are open to everyone.

  2. Woot woot Bodi!!! You made Mama Miska (and Grandma Sylvia) very proud of you!!!!