Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blogging for One Year

My first blog post was one year ago today!
 Over 7,000 pageviews since - WOW!
Short on words...long on pictures...a busy 12 months...just flew by!

with Uncle Tyro
one year ago today
Pointing Diva
one week ago

 Diva trying to Sunbathe
one year ago today
one month ago


  1. Bodi has accomplished a lot this year...4 titles Corrine you should be very proud of all the work you have done so far with Bodi. Here is to another year of great pictures and endeavours on Bodi’s Blog.
    Very proud to know you both

    1. Thanks, Rhonda. And thanks for being a part of the journey!

  2. I've loved seeing his beautiful Vizsla-ness! Thanks for showing him off for the world to see!
    I always thought my next dog would be another Vizsla but I am happy with my mutt girl now that I have her :)
    Maybe someday I will have another one.

    1. Claire, thanks for tuning in to "Bodivision" and for your regular comments.

      Indi is a Vizsla in spirit. She came to you through Vizsla Rescue because someone thought her mother was part Vizsla. A disparate number of breeds (not even remotely related to the Vizsla) came together to produce a dog that appeared "Vizsla" and her gift to you was Indi. Red dog or not she was clearly meant to be yours. Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways...and when the time is right your next Vizsla will come with "official" V-DNA.