Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Put to Work on Labour Day!

Yup, the chauffeur was pressed into service on Sunday and Monday. Won't even begin to calculate the ratio of drive-time to coursing-time but getting to participate in the sport with the highest ratio of excitement per second made it all worthwhile!

Apparently, the camera took off the entire weekend...
2nd CAX leg of the weekend!

There was only one official Coursing run per day but we were also allowed to have a fun/practice run each day. 2 more Qs brings my "Coursing Ability Excellent" Qs to 4. Half-sis Diva earned 2 Qs to finish her CA title and my littermate brother Will (Mr. Turquoise) earned his first ever performance Q (this was his first ever exposure to the wonderful world of dog sports). 

By the way, Diva whispered in my ear that there had been a Coursing Meet on Saturday which the chauffeur some how forgot to mention!!! I will remember this at bonus time!! 

On Sunday, there was also a conformation show and I took a Group 2nd!  Candid photos from the ring to follow in a future post once they arrive in the mail.

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