Monday, October 21, 2013

Teeter Time 2

My first session with a teeter and a bar jump sequence.

Ah, the distractions of autumn!

Notice the front cross (at 36 sec) and resulting side change.

The ever present "Handler Error"!

[At the end of the teeter, you are hearing "Nose" not "No"
as a reminder to wait until released.]

I am quite proud of my teeter progress. In the name of "setting one's dog up for success", it is customary to set up a new sequence of obstacles (or a new obstacle within a sequence) in a straight line. As you can see, this novel sequence included a change of direction between the jump and teeter. This set up was chosen in order to slow down my approach to the teeter.

Photo Op!

We've accomplished quite a lot in the backyard by regularly honing our foundation skills and fitting in obstacle training sessions here and there. Since there is only so much we can accomplish at home, it's time we took our training to the next level by signing up for agility classes. A-Frame and Dogwalk, here we come!!!

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