Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Wednesday's Work

For a variety of reasons, we have not attended any classes for several months. Where has the time gone? We did, however, manage a few private obedience lessons in the summer. Here are two videos from my introduction to the broad jump.

My first session learning the obedience broad jump sequence


Being an introductory lesson, the broad jump is set about half its trial length (which will be 46"). To avoid a diagonal jump landing in front position, the plunger is used to encourage a straight jump landing followed by a turn then a front. This is the type of exercise where we employ the earlier foundation exercise of going out to and around cones (for example, go-outs). As shown in the above video, we ended each attempt with a front and a fun reward delivery rather than a formal finish (finishes will be added much later).

The following weekend

If I am counting correctly, there are 6 steps to a broad jump:
1.  wait in a sit position
2.  jump straight over the boards
3.  land straight
4.  turn to the right
5.  front (sit in front of handler as straight as possible)
6.  finish (either by swinging to the left or by going behind the handler then
     sitting in the space between the boards and the handler)


  1. Great job, Bodi! The broad jump is something Indi only knows in the context of agility. I need to work on this!

  2. hello bodi its dennis the vizsla dog hay that luks like a gud time wurking!!! wurking like this is just abowt my fayvrit thing in the wurld!!! ok bye

    1. It's a very lucrative form of work - lots of yummy pay cheques!