Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday

So, yesterday, I was outside getting a brief breath of frigid fresh air
(-14c windchill) when something caught my attention.

I had no idea what it was.
I licked my nose to get a better sense of the scent.
Then, when I heard rustling in the leaves,
I leaped into action!
There it is!!!  There it is!!!
Can you see it?!?!?!
What is it?!?!?!
Didelphis virginiana
"Virginia Opossum"

North America's only marsupial is known as "Nature's Little Sanitation Engineer" because it eats almost anything: insects, snails, rodents, berries, rotting fruit, grasses, leaves, carrion, snakes, eggs, and all veggies!

Opossums are not native to cold climates but they have been surviving and thriving in Southern Ontario for approximately thirty years. Although nocturnal, in cold (and snowy) weather, they will venture out in search of food during the day.

You can read more about opossums here:


  1. Look at those hackles, Bodi! How cool is that, a possum in your backyard!

    1. It's "calling cards" showed up a few months ago - Bodi, Miska & Diva all enjoyed rolling in them on a few occasions!

  2. Replies
    1. More critters in the city than in the country! Got to see all 50 of its teeth when it hissed at Bodi. Although it was only 4' from us at one point, I guess being on the other side of the fence kept its stress level down below the level of "playing possum."

  3. hello bodi its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow we had wun of those in the frunt yard this week!!! i did not see it but i herd it went by within ten feet of tucker he sez it lukd just like trouble the kitty!!! ok bye

    1. Cool! They do bear a striking resemblance to Trouble so I can see how Tucker would be confused but I'm sure Trouble would not have been impressed!