Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jumping Bean

Before the snow, freezing rain, ice storm and deep freeze ...

Back in November (one of the warmest Novembers on record), we took full advantage of the great weather by working on agility foundation exercises. I worked my way up to my full jump height of 24" and worked on focus exercises in the midst of freshly fallen leaves. The jumps in the following videos vary in height from 18" to 24".

Working out a good cue/body position to signal when to go between 2 jumps rather than just taking the second jump/repeating the previous sequence.

Warming up my muscles before a jumping session.
(Always need to keep track of the camera!)

(I sometimes like to keep my rear paws at the back
of the tread which causes that squeaking noise.)


  1. You have a doggy treadmill? So jealous! Bodi looks great! So smooth and graceful!

  2. Thanks, Claire. It's a human treadmill which has been getting a lot of use this winter!