Friday, January 06, 2012


Well, it doesn't look like I'll be participating in any winter sports this winter. In two days it's gone from 14 degrees below seasonal to 10 degrees above seasonal. Yep, it's currently a balmy 9c!

Today, I met "the cones" and experimented with the sport of Rally Obedience. Other than goofy moves on our walks, we haven't actually worked on the individual Rally exercises so I was just doing my best to follow along.

Here's my very first 360 Left (not too bad considering the awkwardly turning human).

This sequence contains:  a lovely start line set up; a very nice 360R; 1,2,3 forward; about L turn; fast forward from a sit; sit walk around; R turn; and 1,2,3 back finish L (performed by a very enthusiastic V and a human who apparently can't count to 3 correctly).

If this wonky weather (freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw) continues, I'll be up to my elbows in mud any day now. This is what happened when I took a sharp turn while running laps:
Did I do that?


  1. Your Rally Work looks very good Bodi! Don't worry about the marks on the lawn Riva and Kelsa have done the same thing to their lawn too!

  2. He looks really good for one so young! We have been working on Rally too. The counting, while walking backwards AND paying attention to your dog is the hardest part for me so far. Bodi looks like he enjoys it :)