Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter

Bionic Balancing Bodi Bunny
atop the giant flying Easter egg ready for take-off

While waiting for the wind to pick up ...

Too much temptation!  Must look away from the cookies!
She's fiddling with the camera ... must seize the day ...
Cookies, here I come!

Mischievous Bodi's Bunny Impersonation

[Camera Hound: The FitPaws Balance Peanut is designed to move - aside from the deck railing, there is nothing else keeping it in place but Bodi's efforts. As you can see, Bodi has lost weight. We are slowly putting back the 5 lbs (10% of his body weight) he lost in February. We still do not have a definitive answer as to what made Bodi so ill.]


  1. Bodi was definitely ready for take off! Happy Easter from Mama Miska, Uncle Tyro & Bis Sis Diva. Their hu-mama is having nightmares about returning home to snow & bugs.

  2. What a patient pup and mother..thank you for sharing..Happy Easter to both of you.