Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Wednesday's Work

What to do when it's -20 and/or the sidewalks are challenging and/or the backyard is a lumpy, icy, slippery mess?

Hop on a treadmill.

With a human with a wonky knee and wacky winter weather upon us, I was introduced to the PaceMaster a couple of weeks ago. Here I am experiencing incline changes for the first time. The beeping signals that the speed of the tread is being reduced as the incline is being increased.

I am still too young to run on a treadmill so I only get to walk briskly. Running on a treadmill (or alongside a human) at too young an age and before joints and bones have matured can lead to repetitive stress injuries. For a medium-sized dog, it is safer to wait until at least 2 years of age to begin running in such an artificial fashion (it may be normal for a human to run in a straight-line for miles on end but it is definitely not the norm for a dog). 

Since I am still recuperating from my recent illness and not allowed to be out and about, I have been perfecting my treadmill skills. 
Before the rain and freezing temps arrived,
the snow was just perfect:
cushy and fluffy and fun

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  1. Toooooo much snow Bodi! Glad you have an alternative to burn off some energy & your hu-mom is right, a young dog is NOT supposed to be pounding the pavement because of potential damage to his/her joints. Hoping spring is around the corner soon but I guess that means mud season will soon be upon you too. Licks & wiggles from Miska Mom, Uncle Tyro & big sis Diva.