Monday, April 15, 2013

Caught in the Act

Enjoying the Ultimate Man Cave on a cold day in January

The other day, I was chillin' in the man cave for all of 10 minutes when all of a sudden a zipper on the double donut started moving and stuffing was a flyin'! This is not the first Bowser bed to possess this design flaw. On behalf of dogs everywhere, I demand an inquiry into these evil faulty zippers! For far too many years, we have been framed and blamed for unzipping and de-stuffing our beds. As if we have the dexterity to move such a tiny piece of metal! As if!!

"I am not trying to hide any evidence...
...I have no idea what you mean!"
"This bed is overstuffed and the zipper just blew!"
"Oh, the injustice of it all!"
The offending double donut with the evil zipper was kicked out of the man cave
and tossed in a corner behind closed doors.

Bad Bowser Bed, Bad!!!

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