Friday, September 14, 2012

2 Trick Dog Titles

2 titles earned through Kyra Sundance's ""
(Internationally-renowned stunt dog show performer)

"You have your friends, your work, your entertainment.
Your dog has only you. You are his life, his love, his everything."
  ~ Kyra Sundance
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Novice Trick Dog (NTD)

To qualify as a "Novice Trick Dog," I had to demonstrate proficiency in 15 tricks from a list of 50 Novice tricks (instructions for which appear in 101 Dog Tricks, 51 Puppy Tricks, The Dog Tricks and Training Workbook, 10-Minute Dog training Games, and/or 101 Ways To Do More With Your Dog).

As my qualifying sequence of tricks was not recorded at the time they were performed, you can see me performing some of these tricks by clicking on the links to previous posts (I got a little carried away and actually performed 20 tricks!):
cavalettis "noodles"
chase "lure coursing"
recall here
find hidden treats
follow pointed finger
3 hand signals (without verbal cues) - future post
jump over a bar "recall over a jump"
kisses here
paws up on an object here
pedestal here
ring a bell to go outside here
shake hands here
spin circles - future post
take a bow here
tunnel here

A few more examples of novice tricks from my puppyhood

food refusal/leave it (4 1/2 months)
balance beam/ramp (10 weeks)
fetch (12 weeks)
Sit-Stay (10 weeks)

Intermediate Trick Dog (ITD)

To qualify as an "Intermediate Trick Dog," I had to demonstrate proficiency in a further 12 tricks from the list of 42 Intermediate tricks.  My qualifying tricks were:

barrel racing here
leg weave/figure 8s double figure 8s
paws on my arm
perch work - I performed it using a footstool, click here for a balance disc version
pull on a rope/tug here
soccer (push a ball) - future post
target mat
wave - future post
stacking (6 weeks)
heel at left side with automatic sit
(the rules don't say anything about not running to say hello to the cameraman!)

place (around finish)

 side (swing finish)

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  1. Fun! I LOVE training little tricks like these, I think they're way more important than a lot of people might think! I especially love the weave in and out of your legs trick, it was one of Amber's best and is turning out to be one of Indi's favorites!