Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday's WHY

Actual question regularly asked over the years:

WHY do you go to so many obedience classes?  Is your dog not very smart?

There is a big difference between "basic obedience" classes and "competitive obedience" classes. Personally, I think that "basic obedience" classes should be mandatory for anyone wishing to own a dog. It's beneficial for the dogs and it's beneficial for society at large for the humans to learn a few things about dog behaviour, body language, and basic positive training techniques.  Contrary to popular belief, it is the humans who receive most of the training in (well run) obedience classes.

I choose to challenge myself and my dog by regularly attending a variety of classes (obedience, rally, agility...).  It's been proven that human lifelong learners have sharper minds well into their senior years so WHY NOT provide more enriched lives for our dogs, as well?

Sit-stay (at 13 weeks) with Uncle Tyro and Sister Diva

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  1. Hear hear!! Or is it 'here, here!" Ha, ha. Totally agree on both the doggie & human fronts. Mama Miska, Bodi's mom, is still going to school to learn new things at the age of 9. His grandpa Sasha, never retired from the school of hard knocks and bones and was competing well into his 14th year. The term, "use it or lose it" applies to both species and research shows that in dogs (as in humans), continued learning helps to stave off cognitive dysfunction. Keep up the training!!